Ideal Post-Hospital Care for Seniors

Post-Hospital Care: Promoting a Faster Recovery

When seniors return from hospitalization, whether from illness or injury, they are going to need constant care and supervision to ensure all of their needs are met and their recovery time is a short and comfortable as possible. Home Care Assistance can provide exactly that and more for our senior patients in southern New Jersey in the comfort of their own homes!

Avoid Hospital Readmission with Post Hospital Care

It is common for 35% of seniors to be readmitted back into the hospital after only 3 months! For most, it is a result of now following the doctor-prescribed recovery regimen and recommendations. For others, it is a result of not following their medication instructions or of a poor environment.

Dedicated care and therapy options
Dedicated care and therapy options

The Home Care Assistance Post Hospital Experience

At Home Care Assistance, we help to avoid remittance by doing things differently. We provide tailor-made home care for all of our patients and ensure that doctor’s orders are followed to the letter for a fast recovery time.

Home Care Assistance’s southern New Jersey post-hospital care is present event before patients are released from their medical facilities for a smoother transition. If seniors are in a living facility or nursing home, we also offer 24-hour, personalized care as well for optimal continuity. 

Our professional caregivers are trained to provide this optimal type of care for all our senior patients. Live-in care, hourly care – our company can accommodate almost any living situation according to budget and need. We help to improve and reduce recovery time through a number of effective treatments, including:

  • Follow their medication administration schedule prescribed by their doctor
  • Attend all follow up appointments
  • Eat an appropriate diet and participate in therapy exercises
  • Receive encouragement, support and companionship throughout the recovery process

A Smoother Transition from Hospital to Home

Because our clients need us on their terms, our caregivers are available anytime or anywhere. Contact a Care Manager at
856-596-8276 to discuss a “Hospital to Home” transition plan that will allow for a quicker and more relaxing recovery.