Parkinson’s Care that Makes a Difference

Personalized In-Home Parkinson’s Care in South Jersey

When you take on the role of caregiver for a senior with Parkinson’s, there comes a point – inevitably – when you will need help. Home Care Assistance can be there for your unique needs where and when you need us. We provide personalized, in-home care for aging loved ones in southern New Jersey who are suffering from Parkinson’s and other afflictions. Our trained caregivers offer not only their help, but safety, independence, dignity, and peace of mind for our patients. 

Dedicated care and therapy options
Dedicated care and therapy options

Our Parkinson’s Caregivers Use a Comprehensive Approach

Because we know Parkinson’s symptoms can fluctuate and a patient’s needs can change from day-to-day, our Parkinson’s caregivers take a comprehensive approach to providing care at home. In doing so, caregivers can ensure each and every need of the patient is met and overall quality of life remains high. Our Parkinson’s caregivers use two primary methods to achieve this:

The Balanced Care Method: Home Care Assistance of South Jersey believes a balanced approach is the best approach, and created this method to meet a wide variety of client needs. With the Balanced Care Method, caregivers focus on physical activity, healthy diet, social engagements, mental stimulation, and emotional health.

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: Our proprietary wellness program was designed to slow cognitive decline, improve mental acuity, and maintain mental health through a variety of specialized brain-boosting games and activities done in-home.

A Free Parkinson’s Consultation is Just a Call Away

Choosing a Parkinson’s caregiver for your senior loved one can be difficult and we want to make the process as seamless as possible. Schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about our company, our compassionate and experienced Parkinson’s caregivers, and tailored Parkinson’s care plans. Call 856-596-8276 to speak with a friendly Care Manager from Home Care Assistance of South Jersey, NJ today.