Helpful Hospice Support Care

When seniors are near the end of their lives, they seek the comfort and familiarity of home. Their family and friends gathered, they are able to enjoy their final days in peace and tranquility.

When seniors in southern New Jersey, and their families, find themselves in this scenario, they need to know there is a company out there that they can trust to handle many of the daily activities involved. Home Care Assistance is that company.

Our professional caregivers work together with doctors, nurses, family members, and other caregivers to ensure all the recipient’s needs are met. They promote quality of life for the dying and safeguard the dignity of their passing.

Our hospice care services include:

  • Creating a positive and peaceful environment
  • Providing regular status updates to the family members and doctor
  • Providing genuine companionship and support
  • Ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety at all times
  • And more…
Dedicated care and therapy options

Providing Hospice Support for Seniors & Their Families

In caring for seniors in the twilight of their lives, we also want to look after the well-being of the family members as well during this difficult time. Our company takes on the daily living and housekeeping tasks to allow more quality time with loved ones, as well as provides a range of personal care options as well. Home Care Assist can assist with transfers, medications, meal prep, laundry, and a host of other responsibilities as well.

Most importantly, we can present to comfort and hold them when you can’t. You can know peace of mind by hiring us to keep your loved ones in professional caring hands, every moment you need us.

Home Care Assistance is a Trusted Partner in Palliative Care

Home Care Assistance can give all of our patients in southern New Jersey the customized care plans they need to be comfortable, cared for, and safe in the final stages of life. Working with our company is a truly personal and unique experience with hourly plans, live in plans, and of course the individualized attention that meets all your senior loved one’s needs. Home Care Assistance offers a 100% guarantee and no long-term commitments. Our caregivers are available to you and your family members 24/7, and ready to exceed your expectations.

For more information concerning Home Care Assistance’s palliative care, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, please contact our experts at 856-596-8276.