Our Wellness Book Collection

Happy to 102 (now available on

This is the first book in our Wellness Collection. It focuses mostly on factors that contribute to leading a healthy, long life. It also speaks to the importance of making your senior years the healthiest they can be in terms of exercise, diet, mental stimulation, social connections, and purpose. By studying the factors in this book, seniors and retirees can better avoid malnutrition and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, bone loss, diabetes, and dementia. This book is a culmination of all the best research out there on aging and the essentials of living well from various experts.  

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The Handbook of Live-In Care (now available on

The Handbook for Live-In Care provides practical advice on caring for an aging parent or loved one. It is the second book in our collection, and one of the most useful for many family members and caregivers. Whether you are new to caring for an aging loved one, or you have care for someone for years, this book will help you with many areas of care including: comfortable surroundings, maintaining independence, empowering your loved one to a greater sense of control and purpose, and more! This publication will also help you provide a greater sense of well-being and tips on how to maximize quality of life for older adults, despite chronic conditions, frailty, or forgetfulness. 

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Hospital to Home (now available on

The third book in the Wellness Collection, this publication focuses on healthy longevity or what to do when you, or a loved one, returns from a hospital stay. It teaches families to be prepared for the increased level of care necessary for even everyday functions. It also addresses safety in the home for seniors in their often weakened state, post-surgery or illness. Finally, Hospital to Home helps caregivers master the discharge process and guides them through various care options post-discharge as well.

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The Five Senses (now available on

Our fourth book in Home Care Assistance’s Wellness Collection, the Five Senses, offers insight and helpful advice to older adults and caregivers concerning sensory awareness. Seniors’ sense organs can often become vulnerable as they age, and susceptible to medication side effects, chronic conditions, even stroke. Learning how to manage these altered abilities is going to be paramount. The Five Senses gives a helpful overview of potential changes in perception, and practical guidance for maintaining quality of life. 

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Mind Over Grey Matter: A New Approach to Dementia Care (now available on

Just like the other volumes in our Wellness Collection, Mind Over Grey Matter is rooted in both clinical research and practical evidence. There are countless families and caregivers out there looking for the best solutions to dealing with dementia in aging adults. And, while there are guidelines to this type of challenging care, each case is unique based on the person. Mind Over Grey Matter provides incredibly helpful and practical advice when dealing with such a scenario. It also give tips on how to slow dementia’s progress through actual techniques! With this book, you, as a caregiver will have the tools you need to support your aging loved one in their own familiar surroundings.  

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The Senior Sleep Solution

This volume – the 6th in the Wellness Collection – gives practical advice on how to deal with sleep disturbances and helpful approaches on improved sleep. With so much of our physiology changing as we age, our sleep patterns are no exception. Persons of every age need to sleep well, lest they face a damaged immune system or slower cognitive abilities. This volume helps to improve memory through better sleep habits and specific additional improvement steps for seniors with dementia and various sleep disorders, specifically. Our aim with this book is to get everyone a good night’s sleep and improve quality of life.

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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method focuses on non-pharmacological approaches to decreasing the rate of decay of cognitive functions in seniors with dementia. The 7th book in our series, this compendium highlights our patented methodology behind the most significant health challenge of the 21st century. Scholars and professionals across various disciplines collaborate within this book and provide a unique understanding of dementia and the most effective methods to address and combat it in the modern world. 

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The Brain Boost: A Practical Guide to Brain Health

The Brain Boost gives a helpful glimpse into rewiring brain functions and behavior in order to enhance cognitive health. It draws upon modern research from neuroscience and medicine to show that anyone can boost their brain power with the right stimulation, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

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Comfort Foods Cookbook: A Healthy Twist on Classic Favorites

This volume – the 9th in our Wellness Collection – was truly a labor of love from everyone in the Home Care Assistance family. Within these pages, caregivers will find fantastic meal preparation techniques; culled from years of experience from our professionals. As meal prep and nutrition is one of the most important factors in health and longevity, patients and family members alike can take peace of mind in knowing that this book offers the most varied, healthy, and nutritious meals possible for aging adults.

Dedicated care and therapy options

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