Cognitive Therapeutics Method

At Home Care Assistance, we have created a modern, activity-based program for seniors in southern New Jersey to help them retain their mental capacities. This program, entitled the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, positively impacts thinking and reason and aids elderly people to:

  • Slow cognitive decline
  • Delay the onset of dementia
  • Build a routine to look forward to
  • Regain a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Engage with others in an enjoyable way
  • And more…
Dedicated care and therapy options
Dedicated care and therapy options

A Truly Trained Caregiver

Why settle for an ordinary caregiver, when you could have one that is trained in our patented Cognitive Therapeutics Method? Home Care Assistance trains our staff members to provide unique, individual one-on-one mental stimulation for their patients. Along with these cerebral exercises, they also offer support, basic care, and additional daily activities at no additional cost. By incorporating this type of care into our patients’ daily regimens, we can increase their levels of engagement and increase their overall happiness!  

A Comprehensive Cognitive Program for the Individual

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is based on cutting-edge scientific research involving the brain and a key report from the National Institutes of Health. It suggests that mental stimulation decreases cognitive decline, and encourages more than 20 different activities targeting memory and the 5 major domains of the brain!

Here at Home Care Assistance, we have used that research to develop a multi-activity program to prevent the onset of cognitive impairments and decrease mental decline. Patients who undergo this treatment see increase cerebral function and an elevated mood in the long-run. 

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