About Home Care Assistance

Our Mission: 

"Home Care Assistance wants to change the way the world ages. To achieve that, we offer all our southern New Jersey patients the programs, treatments, and committed care that will help them to live happier, healthier lives in the comfort of their own homes. Our high level of care is reflected in the work of our trained and talented caregivers, the standards of our exceptional care, and the positive, balanced approach we bring to every situation. We want to focus our efforts on the needs of aging adults and give them the independence, comfort, and improved cognitive function they deserve."


About Our Staff:

Phil D'Angelo - Client Care Manager

Before embarking on a new and personally rewarding career at Home Care Assistance, Phil D’ Angelo spent 25 years honing his problem solving skills. Phil has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business management and he also earned a master’s degree in information systems. Team building was essential to Phil’s success, his dedication to leading his teams has served him well. Phil’s desire to understand the challenges, the desired outcomes and being able to work with a diverse group of people are just a few of his strengths.

Marian Duda - Head Nurse

Our head nurse, Marian, is an amazing woman with a terrific husband, three kids and five grandchildren. Marian has had an extensive career in the nursing profession, attending Sewickley Valley Hospital (SVH) School of Nursing in Western Pennsylvania and then going on to work as a Staff Nurse in the Intensive/Coronary Care Unit post-graduation. Marian excelled at her job and became the Head Nurse of the Step Down Unit at SVH before moving to New Jersey.

Marian would spend the next 25 years of her career at Memorial Hospital of Burlington County “Virtua Memorial Hospital”. Marian started as a Nursing Supervisor and as an Education Coordinator. Marian then moved into Sub-Acute & Long-Term Care where her role consisted of staff development, infection control, and employee health.

Marian continued her great career as an Assistant Director of Nursing at several area facilities and then went on to be the Director of Nursing at three local facilities.

Marian felt a strong desire to connect with the patients and transitioned into home care. Marian now spends her time as the Head Nurse at Home Care Assistance and teaching part time at LTC Career Training. Marian teaches both the nursing assistant and home health aides’ courses and has quickly become an extremely valuable member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Home Care Assistance, we are committed to helping families make the best possible decision regarding care for their loved ones. Our checklist of the most important questions to ask a potential home care provider is meant to assist you in your evaluation process.


Q: Has the company been responsive, informative and professional?

A: We are available 24/7 as a professional resource for you and your family


Q: Are the caregivers screened, bonded, and insured?

A: We hire only 1 in 25 applicants and conduct extensive screening and background checks


Q: Does the company employ its caregivers and take care of taxes, withholding and workers’ compensation?

A: Our caregivers are employees, not contractors, to protect our clients from liability


Q: Does the company conduct any caregiver training such as The Balanced Care Method™?

A: Our Balanced Care Method™ training emphasizes healthy body, mind and spirit


Q: Does the company guarantee a personality match and offer caregiver interviews?

A: We ensure a personality match and will not change your caregiver as long as you’re satisfied


Q: Does the company offer back-up caregivers in case of emergency?

A: We have an extensive roster of trained employees available for all our clients’ needs


Q: Is the care manager available on-call 24/7, including nights and weekends?

A:  We are available 24/7 for our clients’ needs including evenings, holidays and weekends


Q: Does the company perform regular quality assurance visits, client satisfaction reviews and caregiver evaluations?

A: We conduct regular quality assurance visits along with other tools to ensure client satisfaction


Q: Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee without any long-term contracts or commitments?

A: We require no long-term contracts so you can use our services for as long as you need them


Q: Is the company a recognized leader in the senior care industry with published books on senior wellness and caregiving?

A: We are a recognized leader in the industry. Ask us for more information on our books.

  • Caregivers (link): The caregivers at Home Care Assistance stand at the heart of what we do. The Home Health Aides provide compassion, caring, and dedication in all circumstances, and use their expert training to improve our patients’ quality of life.
  • Balanced Care Method (link): Our Balanced Care Method is based on scientific studies done on the aging population of Okinawa, Japan. The residents there live longer, fuller, healthier lives than anywhere on earth, and we want to bring the secret of their longevity home to you.
  • Cognitive Therapeutics Method (link): Our Cognitive Therapeutics Methods can slow the onset of dementia and restore cognitive function to aging patients. We use these methods to help the elderly retain their independence and give them a sense of accomplishment.
  • FAQ (link): Do you have questions concerning our home care services? Home Care Assistance has the answers! Check out our FAQ page for the information you need to make the right choice for home care.
  • Wellness Book Collection (link): Our Wellness Book Collection gives seniors healthy living tips to increase the quality and longevity of their lives. Check out the list of available options to see which one is right for you.

For more information concerning Home Care Assistance, or to schedule your personalized appointment with us, please contact our experts at 856-596-8276.